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  • Fictionalized version, “Should We Fire Him for That Post?” published in Harvard Business Review, March 2016, p. 103-107.



Hall, E.V., Lopiano, G., Washington, E.F., Hall, A.V., & Avery, D. Stigma by association in racially diverse work teams. Working paper. 


Lopiano, G. & Williams, M.J. Experienced stigma, socioemotional skills, and work outcomes. Data collection in progress.


Lopiano, G. & Williams, M.J. Stigmatized individuals’ prosocial and self-protective motivations for organizational citizenship behavior. Data collection in progress.


Lopiano, G. & Williams, M.J. Daily fluctuations in identity- and non-identity-related work stressors among LGBTQ employees. Design stage. 

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